Entry form

• 2 Printed copies AND an electronic copy
• Have ONLY ONE NAME as entrant. The same entrant name will appear twice: in the entry form and as part of the enumerated details at the beginning of the Work Plan.
• The entrant should be the person principally responsible for developing, managing and executing the entry.
• State the role of the entrant in the work plan (under Implementation and Challenges).
• Ensure needed entrant details are complete and accurate. These will be the basis for communicating with the entrant the award results, and information for the souvenir program and the trophy for winners.
• Choose your category and division well. Otherwise, your entry may be disqualified and you will lose your entry fee.

Letter of permission from client

• Printed (Original)
• For agencies, submit this letter signed by your client and other key project participants acknowledging your role and allowing you to enter the work on their behalf.